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  • Susan Boykin

General Travel Tips

1. For international travel, you must have a valid us passport which must not be expiring within 6 months from the date of your departure. You must have at least two blank pages in your passport.​ 2. If you are taking a cruise departing from the US and returning to the US you only need a government photo id and your original birth certificate. 3. Never, put medicine in your checked bags. 4. If you are not checking a bag all liquids must be no more than 3 ounces per bottle. Put them in a quart-size zip lock sandwich bag. You cannot carry water through security, but you can purchase water and food after passing through security to take on the plane. 5. Some good news for travelers going in and out of Charlotte and other airports. People flying out of Charlotte Douglas airport can register for TSA's pre-check at the airport. The feature will allow you to cut the line and move through security a lot quicker. TSA pre-check members also get to keep their shoes on, you won't have to remove your laptop for security agents, and you'll even get to keep your liquids inside your bag before boarding. People registered in the program can use the pre-check at any participating airport across the country.
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